The Digital Auditorium is a large, dynamic space suitable for many different events. It has professional quality lighting, sound systems, and acoustics. There are three different projector screens for presentations: a large single screen and two side-by-side screens for dual presentations. Seating may be set up on the auditorium floor, or you can take advantage of the motorized bleachers for easy set-up. The auditorium also offers a mezzanine level of seating. A large door covers one side of the Digital Auditorium, while the other features windows that look out to a beautiful view of campus behind the HCC.

After submitting a request here, your event will be reviewed by the HCC Building Manager and the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation before final confirmation. Please contact Cartland Berge at if you have any questions or concerns about booking the HCC Digital Auditorium.

The Digital Auditorium can be configured in a number of different ways. You can view examples of the default configurations options at

If you are requesting a recurring event with the same configuration and equipment needs for each occurrence, you may submit a recurring event request at Recurring events are limited to one occurrence per month.